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Thanks for your interest in Man to Man Ministries and Knights of the 21st Century. I believe that this is a great program for the men in your church. Knights of the 21st Century curriculum is not a Bible study, but we are unapologetically Christian and Bible based. The entire Knights lead team are passionate followers of Jesus Christ, and some are even pastors at Evangelical churches. The reason we chose the model we have is so that the unconnected man Camp Hill Graduation(unconnected to Christ or any church) can feel “safe” entering the knights experience. However, during his 24 week journey, he will be challenged with the Gospel several times. At the end of each workbook is a Scripture Index where Bible references are listed for almost every point of each lesson, and each lesson has a “The Knightly News” feature, which is a story from the Bible that illustrates the point we are trying to make.

I am seeing men’s lives changed by our program all over this nation and around the world. I received an email from a guy in India the other day who is being transformed by God through the Knights concept. I had over 50 men in the church I pastored for 24 years who are Knights graduates, and most are multiple year grads. The greatest proponents of Knights in the congregation are the wives of the men who have attended, because they have seen their husbands and the fathers of their children change in significant ways.

I would be excited to partner with you in seeing your church launch a Knights of the 21st Century program. It would be my honor to assist and coach you through the process.

We have five levels of Knights curriculum. The first level is “Squire: The Training of the Knight.” That is the level you begin with. We recommend that guys meet weekly, watch the 35-40 minute teaching DVD, and then breakout into small groups that we call Campfires where men can bond, form relationships, hold each other accountable, and unpack the lesson. The 24 week DVD curriculum kit is of the highest, studio quality, and contains all the resources you will need to present a quality program.

If and when you are ready to place an order, please let me know, as I can give you my personal promotional code that would give you 5% off the DVD kit.

I also have budget planners, launch planners, and a lot of other resources to help you get the job done. I also would be willing to come and meet with your men (depending on where you are, I live in Central Pennsylvania) to help cast the vision and answer any questions you or they may have. You can go to our Knights21 website: www.knightsofthe21stcentury.com and check it out. There is a link to request a free sample (Either a download or DVD via snail mail).

Also, here are a few links to videos that will give you a taste of what we do and how we do it:

Knights Sample clip: http://vimeo.com/81437419

Fighting for Your Manhood: http://vimeo.com/80836408

You can also download an e-brochure with lots of printed information: http://flash-pub.com/pub/ebooks/4845a02141/index.php

We can also talk over the phone. My cell phone number is 717.269.3140. My email address is ssabol@comcast.net

Once again, It would be an honor to partner with you. I look forward to hearing from you. Until then…

Strength and honor!

Steve Sabol

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