“I believe that all men are of infinite worth! I am active in churches, prisons, schools and communities conducting programs that change the way men do life through the transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ. Using a method that appeals to every man’s desire to be a hero, I am seeing significant changes being made in inmates, students, businessmen, churches and communities. My passion is to do my part in changing the world, one man at a time.” – Founder, Steve Sabol

“Steve has a heart for men and is able to meet them where they are, and challenge them to be the best they can be. He is able to communicate Biblical truths in a way that is earthy, and speaks to positive change. Many men have grown and come to know Jesus as a result of his ministry.” – Dr. Roy Smith, CEO of Pennsylvania Counseling Services and Author of Knights of the 21st Century

Steve Sabol is a veteran pastor with a true heart for God.  His love for people, all people, is evident in his words and actions.  God has directed his focus, at this point in his life, on men.  Steve’s desire to see men come to Christ and see their lives transformed to be the men God designed them to be is clearly seen in the virtually every area of his life.  He meets men in every stage and condition in life.  Whether that be middle class church attending guys, men whose choices have landed them in prison, or young men who are still in school.  He writes a daily challenge to men to be the Knights God designed them to be that touches 1000’s of men whether they be 14 or 84.  The impact he has had on his denomination, especially in the area of men’s ministry, is almost unprecedented.  However, the most significant effect of Steve’s life to me personally is his devoted friendship and wisdom. – Rev. Keith Walker, Men’s Ministry Director and Teaching Pastor at LCBC Church, Lancaster, PA


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